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Who is West Virginia Wholesale?

WVW has been importing wholesale products for retailers and top marketplace sellers since 2015. We’re also a Top Rated Seller on eBay, a Pro Seller on Amazon, and a registered Amazon vendor offering products to Amazon directly. We have factory and distribution relationships in China, Germany, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Vietnam, and right here in the US.¬†

Wholesale Customer Satisfaction 100%
Amazon Performance Metrics 100%
Amazon Customer Satisfaction 95%
eBay Performance Metrics 100%
eBay Customer Satisfaction 99%

How much cheaper could you be?

Our prices are usually 10% to 30% below Amazon’s, depending on the category, size, and price range for the item. Keeping in mind a lot of products¬†look alike but may not be from the same manufacturer, when we do our weekly price watch on exact-match items sold directly by Amazon here in the US, the average savings across all categories is between 20 and 30% every week. The running average is 22%.

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Average Pricing

Do I have to sign up?

No. You’re welcome to checkout as a guest, but registered users get faster checkout, past order access, a Wishlist, and automatic coupons for even more savings. Every time your spending hits $200, we’ll automatically email you a $10 coupon. It doesn’t matter how you reach $200. It can be one order or many small orders over time. We’ll keep track. Even when we’re close to Amazon in some categories, this should always give you an edge! You must be logged in during checkout for your purchase to be credited to your balance.

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Additional Savings

How is this even possible?

Our two biggest expenses in pricing are selling fees and two way shipping. If we sell you a $10 wallet on Amazon that weighs 8 ounces, Amazon gets $2.49 and USPS gets $3.49. That’s $5.98. Many countries have subsidized shipping to encourage exports and USPS partners with shippers worldwide to provide door to door delivery with full tracking. It takes longer, but our providers can ship to you directly with the same delivery to your door from across the ocean for less than it costs us to send it across town. We’ve asked them to do just that so we can sell you that $10 wallet here for $6.95 with free shipping.

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Average Shipping & Selling Fees

So this is drop-shipping?

Not the way you usually think about it. Wherever your item ships from, you’re buying our inventory directly from us. These are the same products from the same suppliers we always have available wholesale. We’re just not shipping them here first. Unlike on marketplaces where you can’t always tell where the seller is, or drop-shippers who only make the sale for another company, you’ll never find yourself suddenly dealing with a seller in another country by surprise with us. There are no other sellers. All your customer service happens right here. If you ever have to return anything, you’ll return it to us right here too.¬†

Catalog Inventory Distribution

  • United States - WV, CA, NJ - 24%
  • Europe - DE, PL, ES - 12%
  • Asia - CN, IN, KR - 47%
  • South Asia - MY, PH, TW, VT - 17%

Not all products are available for retail sale on the site at all times.

How long do I wait for shipping?

If you buy a product shipping from the US, you’ll usually have it within 5 days. Heavier items like laptops coming from overseas will often ship by DHL or UPS and arrive within 10 or 15 days. The worst case scenario on items light enough for standard overseas shipping is typically that you will receive tracking within a week and the item will arrive about 15 days later. Shipping is free no matter where your products are.

Usual Maximum Wait

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Domestic Shipping
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Expedited International
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Standard International

What about returns?

If there’s a mistake and you do not get the item you purchased, or the item is not as described, or it arrives damaged, just let us know within 10 days of receiving your order. If you have to return it, you’ll send it to us here in WV and we’ll take care of your refund. Most electronics products also have manufacturer warranties in addition to our policy and that paperwork will be included with the item. Please understand we can’t take returns for reasons like “changed my mind” or “no longer needed.” We’d love to offer you an unconditional return policy even if we’ve kept our end of the bargain, but that’s paid for by the extra markup they get on the price too. We’ll always do what we can within reason to be fair and keep our customers happy.

What if I have more questions?

You can message us on Facebook or send us a message here. We’re always happy to help!